Who do you want on your team?

So you've gotten an Autism diagnosis, the question now is what supports might help your child? Who are some professionals you may want on your child’s team? And why might you want them on your team? Speech Language Pathologist Speech-Language Pathologist (sometimes referred to as Speech therapists) are professionals that work with Autistic children on... Continue Reading →


Motivation A topic I keep coming across at work is motivation.   In meetings I hear: They aren't interested in anything They don't like anything They take a long time to answer questions They aren't communicating with me They are non verbal They just won't do anything While all of these are valid and are very... Continue Reading →

Office Organization

As a Speech Language Pathologist, many of us do therapy through play.  While research has shown that this is incredibly beneficial for children’s learning, it poses a very critical problem.  The problem that is poses is WHERE TO STORE ALL OF IT!!! Whether its laminated books, board games, wooden puzzles, pretend play sets, light up... Continue Reading →

They will catch up… Right?

Parents are usually aware when their child is struggling with speech or language or they will have a general feeling that their child isn't at the same level as their peers. I often ask parents if they have received services in the past and from the ones that say 'no' there is a theme to... Continue Reading →

Behaviour and Communication

Often I hear about children with behaviour challenges. The challenges can include: tantrums, not following instructions, being goofy at carpet time with unrelated answers, refusing to join into play with other children, or hitting themselves or hitting others. The first thought that usually comes up in the conversation is that these children are being defiant,... Continue Reading →

Noisy Toys

If you take a walk down any toy isle, most of the toys you will see say TRY ME. The majority of toys these days that are seen and advertised either sing, play music, speak, or have sound effects. While these toys are designed to entertain and entice your child, are they the best toys... Continue Reading →

Home practice

As we get ready to head into a new school year, I have been reflecting on last year. One area of concern that came up while talking to parents was the idea of practicing speech and language at home. It became apparent that many of my families didn’t realize that speech and language doesn’t have... Continue Reading →

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